Check how much is in your pension pot

If you’re unsure how much you’ve got in your whole pension pot, or how many pots you’ve paid into, there are different ways to find out.

You can:

  • look at your pension statement – your provider should send you this once a year
  • online – many providers let you track your pension on their website
  • look at your ‘wake-up’ pack – you get this from your pension provider between 4 and 6 months before your agreed pension age (‘selected retirement age’) which is usually between 60 and 65
  • contact your pension provider(s)

If you’re less than 4 months away from your agreed pension age and haven’t yet received a wake-up pack, you should contact your pension provider.

Check which pensions you’ve paid into

You may have paid into more than one pension pot. You’ll need to contact each provider separately to find out how much is in each one.

If you can’t remember which pensions you paid into you can find a lost pension.

Combine your pension pots

If you have more than one pension pot, you could combine your pots to help make them easier to manage. You could be charged fees so you may wish to get financial advice before doing this.