Customer promise

Our customer promise tells you what we promise to do when you book a Pension Wise appointment.

We will:

Booking your appointment

  • Aim to answer your call to our booking centre in 20 seconds or less
  • Explain clearly how to contact us, including booking a free 45-minute appointment
  • Offer you a choice of a phone or face-to-face appointment
  • Find a face-to-face appointment in a place convenient for you

After you book

  • Send you confirmation of your appointment
  • Tell you what will happen next, and by when
  • Tell you what to take to the appointment to get the best out of it
  • Send you reminders of your appointment

During your appointment

  • Give you the correct information
  • Explain things clearly and avoid jargon
  • Won’t recommend any products or tell you what to do with your money
  • Tell you where to go for help we can’t give you
  • Be helpful, impartial, polite, treat you fairly and with respect

After your appointment

  • Send you a written summary of the guidance you were given in your appointment
  • Use your feedback to improve how we do things

Personal information

  • Protect your personal information


  • Tell you what to do next if you’re not satisfied with how you’ve been treated
  • Continuously improve our services to make things better for you


  • Make sure you can get a face-to-face appointment if you have a disability – e.g. wheelchair access or in British Sign Language if you’re deaf
  • Send your summary in braille or large print if you’re blind or partially sighted

In return we need you to:

  • Be on time for your appointment or let us know if it needs to change
  • Treat our staff with respect
  • Share with us relevant information when we ask for it