Mix your pension options


You can mix the ways you take your pension pot.

  • You can mix the pension options, e.g. use some of your pot to get an adjustable income and some to buy an annuity.
  • Not all pension providers offer all the options.
  • If you have multiple pots, you can use different options for each pot, e.g. leave one pot untouched and take cash in chunks from another.


Your pension pot is £60,000.

You decide to take 25% as tax-free cash leaving £45,000. You use £20,000 to buy an annuity. This gives you a taxable income for the rest of your life of about £900 a year.

You use the other £25,000 to get an adjustable income. This allows you to take out about £5,000 a year for 5 years.

Financial advice

Mixing your options can be complicated. If you’re interested in this you might want to talk to a financial adviser first.

Book a free Pension Wise appointment to find out more about what you can do with your pot.

Next steps

If you’re interested in mixing your options:

  • Look at all the options to see which ones are right for you
  • Shop around – you don’t have to get an adjustable income or buy an annuity from your current provider