Pension Wise for employers

Pension Wise can work directly with employers who have:

  • a defined contribution (DC) pension scheme for their employees
  • employees aged 50 or over

What you’ll get

As an employer you’ll get a free service for your employees that includes:

  • one-to-one appointments with accredited pensions specialists
  • promotional leaflets and posters for display in staff areas and at pre-retirement seminars
  • the option of information stalls at company events
  • Pension Wise content for intranet sites

What your employees will get

With a DC pension your employees choose how to take their pension money. Pension Wise will help them understand the different ways they can do this.

They’ll get a free guidance appointment with one of our pensions specialists. An appointment lasts around 45 to 60 minutes and we will:

  • explain the options for taking their pension money
  • explain how each option is taxed
  • give them next steps to take

The appointment can be over the phone or face to face somewhere local to them – possibly in the workplace for eligible staff.

Our guidance is impartial – we won’t recommend any products or companies and won’t tell them how to invest their money.

Find out more about working directly with Pension Wise by emailing us at